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Red spider mite (Tetranychus Urticae)

Sono microscopici ragnetti, che prolificano favoriti dalle alte temperature. Si possono individuare i danni provocati [...]

Cochineal (Quadraspidiotus Perniciosus)

The cochineal looks like thin whitish lamellae or shields that smear especially old branches and [...]

Argidae of the Rose (Arge Rosae, Arge Pagana)

The damage is caused by the larval forms of this hymenoptera, while the adult causes [...]

Rose aphids (Macrosiphum Rosae)

They appear in spring , on young shoots: they feed on the elaborate sap of [...]

Downy mildew of the Rose (Peronospora Sparsa)

It forms initially yellowish and translucent spots which then extend into large brown areas, with [...]

Rose rust (Phragmidium Mucronatum)

It is an infrequent fungus , which occurs in particular on some Alba roses, wrinkled [...]

Scab of the Rose (f.asc. Diplocarpon Rosae, f.with. Marssonina Rosae)

Also known as Black Spot , it is a fungal disease that is favored by [...]

Mal Bianco della Rosa (Sphaeroteca Pannosa)

Favored by the humidity of the air and by the scarce aeration , it mainly [...]