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Frequent questions

Please read our responses before sending us a request.

By following the instructions on the sales cart it is possible to have the total cost of the order in real time. Delivery times depend on the date of confirmation and taking charge of the order and on average it is processed within 15 days. For each variation and in the event that the plants are not available, the customer will be contacted to agree on the best solution together.

Each plant shows the quantities available, the type (whether bare root or potted) with the relative prices. By filling out the cart you can have in real time the amount of the chosen plants, the shipping cost, any quantity discounts and the payment method. We have chosen PayPal as the most convenient and secure method to make payment, but you can contact us for any other form (cash on delivery and advance bank transfer). Once payment confirmation is received, the order is processed and delivered to the recipient in about 3 working days.

The potted roses, if well rooted, can be planted throughout the year, except in moments of severe frost and strong heat. The bare root roses can be planted in the period from November to February, a period in which the pedo-climatic conditions in our latitude are favorable for the movement and transplantation of most of the plants. However, autumn and the first part of winter remain the best time to move, transplant and plant the rosebushes, as they have plenty of time to develop new roots before spring.

The best time for irises is during its vegetative rest, which in our latitude is from mid-June to early September. In this period of time the rhizomes can be divided, moved, shipped without any difficulty, while if the plant is in a pot, they can be planted all year round, excluding moments of severe frost and humidity.

On the site it is possible to carry out various types of specific research, according to the use, or the color and development of each plant. This is the quickest way to find all roses together according to your needs. In each description, however, there is a suggestion note for use.

In the site you can set the search by color among the various options and it will be possible to group only the varieties of a certain color. For any other specific need you can contact us.

We ship roses throughout Europe without difficulty, in any case it is useful to contact us directly. For non-European territories please contact us directly.

The cart at the end of your order offers the possibility to pay directly via Pay-pal. However, other forms of payment are possible, such as cash on delivery and bank transfer, contact us!

Yes, of course, we only ship the plants rooted and ready for sale, throughout the year in which there is availability.

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