how to care for roses

adversity, disease, remedies and cures

This section lists the most frequent adversities and diseases of roses . For each disease I will explain how to cure sick roses and how to prevent plant diseases. The suggested methods for caring for roses will be as natural and organic as possible.

a selection of our most resistant roses

Rosai ad Arbusto - Arbustiva

Cecilia Metella® (Zancemet, R.Zandri 2015)

 10.00 25.00
In offerta!

Grandi Fiori - Ibride di Tea

Marisa® (Zanmari, R.Zandri 2015)

 11.00 25.00

Rosai Rampicanti Climber

Millamy® Dallamy (Novaspina 2016)

 13.20 25.00
In offerta!
In offerta!

Floribunda o Rosai a Mazzi

Peace in You® Dalwiter (Novaspina 2016)

 10.00 14.00