Mal Bianco della Rosa (Sphaeroteca Pannosa)

Favored by the humidity of the air and by the scarce aeration , it mainly affects vegetative apexes, in particular in conditions of high temperatures and high humidity .

Preventive actions : remove the fallen leaves at the base of the plants, limit nitrogen fertilizations, use products based on wettable sulfur at intervals of 10 days. Choose resistant varieties.

Curative actions : use systemic products (eg triazoles, sulfur) taking care to nebulize the dry vegetation and when the sun goes down. The use of systemic products is limited to a few interventions during the season in order not to favor resistance phenomena.

Discover our most disease resistant varieties:

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Floribunda or Rosai a Bunches

Dolomitica ® Dalmibert (Novaspina 2019)

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