Rose rust (Phragmidium Mucronatum)

It is an infrequent fungus , which occurs in particular on some Alba roses, wrinkled and perpetual hybrids : it has orange, point-like pustules on the underside of the leaves, it often associates and favors a strong weakening of the plant .

The preventive actions are based on cupric products, therefore by treating against scab, the plant is also protected from this pathogen.

Curative actions : systemic interventions stop the infection, which is very debilitating for the plant. The active ingredients are the same used against scab: Copper oxychloride, Triazoli, Fosetyl aluminum. The same precautions can be taken into consideration for Ramale Cancer (f.asc. Leptosphaeria Coniothyrium, f.con. Coniothyrium Fuckelii) and for Brown Rose Cancer (Cryptosporella Umbrina).

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