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Feeding Roses


Roses in the ground For the rosebushes planted on the ground, from the second year from the plant, two main fertilizations can be carried out, one in the autumn and one concentrated in the pre or post flowering phase. In the autumn, the mature manure is the best organic fertilizer. You can also use pellets […]

How to Prune Climber Roses


Climbing roses are divided into climbers and ramblers, depending on whether they have straight and rather erect branches able to supporting themselves, or long creeping lianas that need support. In both cases, a good climber should have the largest number of branches that start mostly from the base and in the case of espaliers or […]

How to Prune Shrub Roses


This roses category is extremely heterogeneous and contains all types of roses that for their growth can not be included with large flowers, floribunda roses, miniatures, creeping and ramblers. By shrub, therefore, we mean a richly growing rosebush, which requires a precise space in the garden comparable to a Philadelphus, Spiraea and Viburnum. All the […]

How to Prune Roses


When to Prune Roses Roses should be pruned in the period just before the vegetative restart (semi-dormancy) which in the regions of northern Italy means between the period of late January and the whole of February. Reordering prunings can be practiced at the beginning of autumn by slightly shortening the vegetation, especially in very vigorous […]