This category of roses is born to produce large quantities of bouquets as quickly as possible throughout the season, enough to be nicknamed “flower machines”.

Their best use is in the mass plants: beds of roses, borders and groups, where they create a homogeneous carpet of flowers with a height not exceeding 80 cm. Because of the high exploitation that the plant has in producing stems and flowers continuously, short prunings are appropriate for reducing the total vegetation over 60-70%.

It can be used the same tricks used for maintaining large flower roses, knowing however that in Floribunda roses it is possible finding many more basal branches, a caliber of stems inferior to the Hybrids of Tea and a lower and more compact plant:

  • eliminate dry, weak, too old and unproductive branches
  • shorten the branches by more than 2 years, preferably keeping the branches of the previous year
  • lower the plant by at least 1/3 of its total height