Rose Moscalbò c/o garden “Les Paradis des Papillons”, Padova.

Moscalbò®, our climbing rose, wins the prestigious ADR (Allgemeine Deutsche Rosenneuheitenprüfung) brand. This is the most rigid and severe test in the world to which roses are subjected: it is a test that can be summarized in the “test of resistance and environmental adaptability” that takes place in Germany.
The plants that follow this process are robust, resistant to diseases, to the most extreme environmental conditions and can therefore be considered as “zero maintenance”.

It is a great satisfaction for us, first of all because it demonstrates the validity of our selection methods carried out several years before the sale of a new rose and then because it consolidates the collaboration with the company Rosen Draeger, (Steinfurth – DE) one of the largest garden rose producers in Germany.

Moscalbò® has flowers in large fragrant, self-cleaning bunches that are renewed freely throughout the summer.
It is versatile, as it can be used both as a climber and as a large covering shrub, its flexible and soft branches are easy to manage in structures, racks, espaliers, fences.
In winter the plant is covered by a cloud of red rose hips.

Its rusticity and freshness gives simplicity in the gardens, you can avoid spraying treatments and in uncultivated areas it can be left free to form dense hedges, which can be pruned every other year.

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