Novaspina is a company that deals with genetic improvement in the garden rose and bearded iris .
It officially opens in 2011 to offer a catalog of exclusive roses and irises , obtained from its own selection and other contemporary varieties of other colleagues, which have particular value, resistance and adaptability to our climate .

All our rose plants are grown and multiplied on the farm , on our surfaces and land adjacent to the nursery. The climatic characteristics above all of the Paduan area offer a very favorable situation for the growth of very robust and hardened roses .

The catalog in constant ferment and evolution this year has an average of 300 varieties of roses available, chosen among the best for reliability, color, performance, fragrance and health .

Novaspina is the exclusive distributor for Italy of Dominique Massad ‘s roses, of the lines Les Provencelles®, Les Eglantelles®, Les Lianembelles® , and introduces a preview of Rolando Zandri ‘s varieties.


To obtain a plant ready for sale, it takes on average two years , in which a large number of varieties are multiplied by grafting , most of them present in the catalog.

All the cultivation and multiplication of the rose are carried out according to the complete supply chain process , which takes place for the most part in the open field .

Grafting is the crucial phase of multiplication : it is a “surgical” operation in which a bud of the rose to be multiplied is inserted into the collar of another rose, which takes the name of rootstock and which will provide the root of the plant that will develop afterwards.

These operations must generally be carried out in the open field and in all the following seasons, the use of careful manual operations is necessary to keep the cultivation in excellent condition.

For Iris, on the other hand, grafting is not necessary because it is a plant capable of multiplying autonomously , but its cultivation requires continuous care and attention to keep it free from weeds and cultivated so that it does not stagnate the water.

The roses sold are grown on annually rotated land, not served by irrigation canals and therefore grown without wetting.

Thanks to our latitude, the cultivation enjoys a long summer period , often with intense heat, humidity and drought that positively affect the strengthening of the tissues and the lignification of the branches.

This guarantees:

  • Hardened , branched and robust plants , which do not suffer damage from frost
  • Use of diversified rootstocks according to the variety
  • Knowledge and awareness of what is offered to the customer
  • Safety on labeling and truthfulness of the varieties distributed


The long process of hybridization and selection to obtain new varieties of roses and iris, proceeds parallel to the cultivation chain and can take on average 8 years to obtain a new variety. This productive-creative combination creates the uniqueness of this company.

Novaspina focuses on the selection of roses that retain morphological characteristics suitable for development in difficult climates , be they hot or cold .
This non- conformist research comes from the use of little-known parents to develop an improvement program starting from the oldest cultivars up to the most current varieties .

Before a new rose enters the market it takes 6-8 years of evaluations to establish the reliability of the plant even in climates other than that of origin.

For this reason, more than 10,000 square meters of surface area of the nursery , outside the point of sale, is cultivated to evaluate , test and then multiply the seedlings.

Many hours of work are spent to obtain as many new seedlings as possible that will be tested in the following years , but only a very small number of them will be worth multiplying .

In our territory, high temperatures, water imbalances and high relative humidity for a long time inhibit the normal flowering and disease resistance of even the most reliable varieties (also this year there have been heat waves with temperatures ranging from 32 to 42 degrees for several weeks associated with high humidity and no rain).

In these conditions we are selecting some squads that show very satisfactory performances also in other climates ; This is confirmed by the results at international competitions and by many customers and gardeners satisfied with the recommended varieties.

As for the iris , the selection and research is oriented on tall bearded , re-flowering hybrids and varieties with particular colors , easily inserted in the garden, in a border and as excellent companions of roses .


Davide Dalla Libera

“To become experts in this work, in addition to being completely in love with it, you need the patience to learn every day from Nature what it reveals to man from time to time.
With this prospect of continuous improvement, we hope to offer you increasingly reliable roses, suitable for your gardens and your dreams. “


In the online catalog, there are also the new varieties of those who support me in this work of passion, research and improvement. For Italy Rolando Zandri and Marc Alberici with whom we are developing some four-handed squads.
For France Dominique Massad who gave me the opportunity to introduce his new particularly colorful lines in Italy, suitable for the warm climate and a modern concept of the garden.