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“Speaking of blooms, we must say goodbye to the latest gesture that wants to pay homage to Ilaria and her courage. It is a new rose that bears her name, the work of Davide Dalla Libera, a passionate nurseryman and young talent to be proud of. : at just 28 years old, he has already achieved magnificent roses and won important prizes in a field in which Italy is, unfortunately, losing its illustrious traditions. “

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Serena Dandini

“The elegant flower of this rose, created by Davide Dalla Libera, a young Paduan hybridizer, would certainly have been the companion of the Maestro’s performances, who used to keep one on the lectern, and who triumphed at the Teatro alla Scala with a memorable direction of The Knight of the Rose (Der Rosenkavalier), by Strauss. And to think that in the genetic line of the Kleiber rose – for those lucky coincidences that sometimes occur, the rose ‘Johann Strauss’ is present! “

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Fiori e Foglie

“As the icing on the cake, these” cultural agitators “on stage in Mantua have seen fit to also involve a great hybridizer of roses, to give birth to a new flower in honor of female merit. It is Davide Dalla Libera of the Novaspina nursery, who with its series of new varieties, the “valoROSE” has already contributed to the rehabilitation of female talent, dedicating wonderful flowers to great women who are not unjustly valued. “

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