terms and conditions of sale

The prices indicated in the catalog include VAT and refer to bare roots. Potted plants are more expensive as indicated in the price table. Packaging and shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. Packaging is charged at cost price plus working hours.

All sales, deliveries and collection of goods are made upon payment in cash or following the issuance of an invoice.

Fulfillment of orders :
Goods ordered with bare root can be collected at the nursery between November and March, provided that the order is sent at least five days in advance, specifying the day of collection. For potted plants it is sufficient to notify two days in advance.
Orders received online will be shipped as soon as possible respecting the arrival order.

Orders are delivered by courier with delivery within 3 days after shipment.
The customer will be notified of the departure of the package by e-mail.
All transport costs and risks are borne by the customer. Complaints of delayed delivery, loss, bad condition of the products (due to frost or other reasons), must be made against the carrier.

For European countries it is possible to check the shipping costs in the cart in real time.
For all other cases, islands and non-European countries, it is advisable to contact us directly.
Each package must not exceed 150cm of the sum of the three sides. Shipments over 150cm of the sum of the three sides are considered bulky and can cost double the basic service.
To receive specimens and highly developed vines it is advisable to contact us.
Scheduled, flat and Saturday deliveries are valid for the Italian territory and must be agreed before confirming the order and sending the goods.
For these cases it is advisable to contact us directly

the plants are delivered in the best conditions. However, I do not take responsibility for the subsequent condition of the plants (wilting, freezing, growth and flowering).

Any complaints about the quality of the plants or about errors must be submitted within three days of receipt of the goods. However a shipment that is in question can be replaced entirely at our cost. Packaging and shipping costs of the first shipment to the customer remain the responsibility of the customer.

Special conditions of sale for novelties protected by a certificate and / or a trademark.

Except in the case of written authorization granted by the obtainer, or whoever holds the license, the multiplication and import / export of plants or parts of plants of protected varieties, marked with a trademark or certificate of protection is prohibited and infringements such as illegal use of trademarks will be prosecuted. By placing an order, the customer accepts these special conditions of sale without reservation. The guarantee of authenticity of the novelties offered is guaranteed by a special registered trademark label, which must be attached to each plant.

We inform our customers that in accordance with article 10 of law 675/96 the data provided to us will be used exclusively to process the order received.