Floribunda or Rosai a Bunches

Floribunda roses or Rosai a Bunches have had a rather parallel evolution to tea hybrids, with the difference that these bring their flowers in large bouquets .
The main responsible for this variation was the contribution of the Moscata and Multiflora rose .

The first were called Polyantha and only in the 1950s did we start talking about “floribunda” . The Poulsen family (Denmark), was at the forefront in this category, the first were introduced in 1924, “Else Poulsen” and “Karen Poulsen” were only the first successes.

Currently, bunched roses or Floribundas appear in all catalogs and due to their composure and versatility they are probably among the roses even more used in gardens . Their size is within one meter and the plants produce large clusters of flowers all season long.

They are ideal in borders, in groups, vases, rose beds and small spaces .
Some have fragrant flowers and by picking a single sprig you can already have a bouquet of flowers ready . The recommended planting distance is 60-70cm depending on the variety.