Miniature Rose Trees

These roses originated from the Rouletii rose, (syn. Chinensis minima) a form of miniature rose , discovered in the early 1900s.

Their use was initially in pots and then also grown inside homes with artificial light, a common custom in America.

Among the first Europeans to develop miniature roses was the Spanish Pedro Dot, who starting from the Chinensis minima developed a series of roses capable of flowering in a continuous cycle.

“Perle de Alcanada” is still in cultivation due to its great reliability and longevity.
The miniature roses proposed have been chosen among the most extravagant for flowering, reliable in resistance and for their adaptability to our climate .

Floribunda or Rosai a Bunches

The Fairy (Bentall, UK, 1932)

 9.00 25.00

Floribunda or Rosai a Bunches

White Fairy

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