Rambler Climbing Roses

The Rambler Climbing Roses have a softer growth than the “Climbers” so much so that they are also referred to with the term ” Lianosis roses “. They are direct descendants of botanical roses such as R. Sempervirens, R. Wichurana, R. Multiflora, R. Arvensis, R. Setigera.

The Rambler climbers, very vigorous varieties, produce rather thin branches, with a rather uniform caliber from the base to the top, even for several meters in a season. The flowers are medium to small , produced along the entire length of the shoots that grow loose and soft. If they weren’t supported they would crawl on the ground.

They are ideal for covering structures , pergolas, trellises and large spaces, some excellent to let trees rise and fall, others to run along a fence by exploiting the “indeterminate” growth of the branches (eg. Alberic Barbier, Francoise Jouranville, Anna Coi, Andrea Palladio, Venusta Pendula, Zaira).

They are extremely decorative and fascinating , better to use them on large spaces so that they can express themselves at their best.